Iine Cafe & Bakery

This little casual cafe is located right at the entrance to the North Village Farmer’s Market in Shoo-cho (勝央町; pronouned Shoh-oh-cho) in Northern Okayama prefecture.  When we arrived, there was a huge crowd at the register, so we opted to visit on our way out of the park.  On the way out of the park, guess what?–there was still a crowd at the register.  I couldn’t really figure out why since the menu is incredibly basic: a couple of kinds of coffee, a couple of kinds of tropical juices, a couple of kinds of sandwiches, and bakery items (which were self-serve).  In the end, we didn’t want to wait in line, so my sons just ordered a couple of tropical juices with tapioca beads.


The baked goods looked (and smelled) great.  Most items seemed almost sold-out:



The cinammon rolls smelled awesome.  I really wanted a sandwich and a coffee but didn’t want to wait in line.  Maybe next time.

The style of the shop had a very homemade-y feel, like something even I could whip together.  Extremely casual, nothing fancy.  Here’s a photo of the front door; I think you’ll see what I mean:


I actually like the way they “did” their menu: they painted it right on the window in huge letters.  It looks stylish in a casual way, and is easy to read and figure out what you want to order *before* going inside (assuming you read English, that is).


I think this cafe probably does good business on the weekends because there’s not really much else to eat at the park other than at an overpriced outdoor Korean bar-be-que and an overpriced Italian restaurant.  For park guests with little kids or for people who just want a quick bite, this is really the only option.

+ Things I like about this cafe:  Inexpensive, simple menu; nice looking baked goods, open atmosphere.

– Things I didn’t like about this cafe:   The perpetual clog at the register…why?  There has to be a better way to regulate the flow of customers so that they’re not backed up.  The tables were really small, seating only 1-3 people.

Here is a link to the park site, if you want to check out the full menu (in Japanese):


The photos of the sandwiches look really nice; unfortunatly, they didn’t have any photos of the sandwiches *in* the actual cafe, otherwise I might actually have waited in line for one.

Date visited: June 22, 2013

Address: Okayama Farmer’s Market North Village, Katsuta-gun, Shoo-cho, Oka 1100 (岡山県勝田郡勝央町岡1100番地