K’s Garden

After giving up on having lunch at the Iine Cafe & Bakery (see previous post), we went down the road and found K’s Garden.  We decided to stop because it looked like a nice place, and frankly we (my husband and I) were getting hungry.  Also, it was pretty obvious that there weren’t going to be many choices up north.

K’s garden has an extensive menu, ranging from western classics (spaghetti, pizza) to full-on Japanese teishoku (set meal that includes everything).  My sons claimed to not be very hungry, so we decided to get a variety of things and share.  We ordered a curry & rice, a mixed pizza, a bacon and spinach spaghetti, and a plate of fries.


Curry & Rice with pickles and salad: 1,000 Yen


Mixed pizza: 800 Yen


Bacon & spinach spaghetti, salad, and soup: 1,200 Yen

Are you noticing the boiled egg theme here?  My sons both hate boiled eggs, so it was hard to get them to eat at this cafe.  They *did* eat, but only after we’d picked all the egg off.

The curry–I kid you not– was obviously from a heat’n’eat pouch, the kind that’s sold at Deo (the cheapest discount supermarket) for 69 Yen a pack.  I should know, because I always buy some to have on hand for lunches or dinners when I don’t have time to cook a proper meal.  The pizza was also very obviously a frozen entree that had been “jazzed up” with boiled egg.  The crust was absolutely horrible.  The spahetti was the only thing that tasted like it had been actually made in the kitchen.  That being said, it was ok.  Not great, but edible.

We didn’t order coffee or dessert, because really, lunch was WAAYYY overpriced for what it was and I just didn’t have the heart to waste my husband’s money on something that I suspected would be really horrible.  By the time the meal was done, we were just really ready to cut out of there as quickly as possible.  While the cafe wasn’t crowded, there were a good number of other customers in the cafe: there was a middle-aged couple having a Japanese meal, a young couple came in on a date, and a large group of women came in for drinks and dessert.  But why?–the food was really quite awful.

The service was acceptable, but nothing spectacular.

The only reason I could see for the other customers being there was the interior and the garden.  The interior was actually well done, with big tables and lots of room around each table.  The style was kind of natural / French country-ish.  About half of the seating was arranged in a sun room, which looked out onto the garden.


Sunroom, viewed from the garden.

The garden was gorgeous, but one needn’t waste good money on eating at K’s Garden when the garden can be enjoyed from the parking lot.  It’s clear that K (whoever she is) spends much more time in her garden than in the kitchen.

Here is a collage I made of some of the garden features:

K's Garden (Mimasaka‐shi):garden2 6月22日

+ What I liked about this cafe:  The garden, the interior, sunroom seating with a nice view. The servings were large–if the food was better, this would have been a good thing.

– What I didn’t like about this cafe:  The food was prepackaged / frozen and overpriced.  Weird menu of mixed styles–pick one, either western or Japanese.

Date visited: June 22, 2013

Address (although I suspect you won’t be going):  Okayama-ken, Mimasaku-shi, Yunogo 444 (岡山県 美作市湯郷444)

Hours: 11:00am~9:00pm