Sweet Box Crepes

Again, not a cafe, but a take-out crepe shop.  This shop is famous in Japan because it’s located in a hugely popular area of Tokyo *and* because their crepes are really good.

Sweet Box Crepes are located very close to JR Harajuku Station, just at the entrance to the famous Takeshita-dori shopping area.  Here is a shot of Takeshita-dori on a Saturday afternoon, taken from just in front of the crepe shop:


And here is a photo of the shopfront:


The shopfront is tiny and there is only one person taking orders and money, but the shop is actually long and narrow, and several people were in the back making the crepes.  The crepes were made-to-order, so the crepe pastry was really soft.

Here is a photo of the sample window; all of these are obviously fake, but look at all the choices!  You can see from the above photo as well that the samples were displayed on both the front and the side of the shop.


Even after having lived in Japan for nearly 20 years, I *still* think these wax / plastic food displays are very cool (not to mention helpful for people who don’t speak Japanese!).

My son got a strawberry & creme crepe with chocolate sauce.  Of course, he couldn’t eat it all, so I got half.  It was a really nice treat (even though he only left me one strawberry).


The crepes were reasonably priced; prices vary depending on fillings and range between 250 yen and 480 yen.  Sweet Box offers a huge variety of crepes with fresh fruit, whipped cream and / or custard cream, hot fillings, savory fillings, and ice cream fillings, not to mention a variety of toppings.  You can even get a mini slice of cake on top of your crepe!

If you’re in the Harajuku area, I recommend trying Sweet Box at least once.

+ What I liked about this shop:  Friendly, bi-lingual staff; tons of choices; reasonable prices; food is made-to-order, awesome display cases.

– What I didn’t like about this shop:  Nothing, but it’s just a take-away counter, not a proper sit-down shop.

Address:  東京都渋谷区神宮前1-17-5   Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-17-5

Hours:  11:00am to 10:30pm; open all year around (no holidays)

Website:  http://www.crepes.jp/

*  See website for a -50 Yen coupon and photos of the full menu.


Date visited:  July 6, 2013