Tokyo Cruise Cafe

Finally, a proper cafe entry.  Sort of.

Tokyo Cruise Cafe is located inside the Hinode boat terminal, which is just next to the Yurikamome Hinode train station.  The main offerings are coffee, soft drinks, and frozen yogurt.  The shop is not really a proper shop since it’s inside the terminal building; here is a photo of the counter (taken from the website, see link below):

Tokyo Cruise Cafe counter

And another photo of the counter that I took, with the staff:


My sons each got a frozen yogurt topped with Oreo cookies and sprinkles; being a tropical fruit lover, I ordered one topped with pineapple and coconut sauce.


The yogurt was good; it was sweet but not cloying, and the toppings were good.  The bowls made from waffle cones were cute too.

Tokyo Cruise cafe has a contempory sample window displaying all of the topping options:

DSC_1591The cafe is in an awkward location; I think the only customers are the ones coming off of the Sumida-gawa river cruise (which is great fun; I recommend doing this if you’re in the Tokyo area and have about an hour to spare).

+ What I liked about this cafe:  Good yogurt, cute display case.

– What I didn’t like about this cafe:  Awkward location, no real distinction between the cafe and the terminal building.  The cafe shares washrooms with the termimal building–yucky.  No trash cans.


Tel:  0120-977-311


(this is actually just a short introductory page on the “water bus” /  river cruise website)


Date visited:  July 7, 2013

* For information on Sumida river cruises in Tokyo, see:   This page is in Japanese, but some pages include bi-lingual information.  Also, please note that more than 1 company offers cruises on the river.

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